1. Weakness

From the recording A Canary's Song

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Written by Kenny Ray Horton - Fader 4 Music (ASCAP)


Verse 1
I've got something
That's been on my mind
Somebody told me to seek
And I'd find
I've got the flavor
For the one of a kind
I've got a weakness

This thing that I have
Is only for you
There ain't a whole lot
That I can do
Baby, don't turn me down
Or I'm through
I've got a weakness

I get throw to my knees
All I want to do is please you
It's an emotion
That simply overtakes me
Let me love you
So you'll understand
The strength of this weakness
That wears on this man
I hope and I pray
But all I want to do is stay
In this spell
That you've been puttin me under
Baby, I know you can see
That I've got a weakness

Verse 2
It all started
With a look from your eyes
I was a strong man
Till I realized
That your beauty
Became my demise
I've got a weakness

Then came a smile
From your sweet red lips
Time for me
To get a grip
My first step
Is just to admit
That I've got a weakness