From the recording A Canary's Song

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Written by Kenny Ray Horton / Bruce Gaitsch - Fader 4 Music (ASCAP) / Edge of Fluke Music (ASCAP)


Verse 1
I pulled off the road
Somewhere in North Carolina
The top was stuck down
On my '64 Coupe DeVille
As the rain started falling
I took refuge in a neon lit diner
Six cups of coffee's my breakfast
Then I'm back on the road

Wherever you are
That's where I should be
Not where this road Is leading me
Wherever you are
My heart wants to be
Cause I'm no good
Without you next to me

Verse 2
I woke up last night
Tossing and turning without you
In some cheap hotel room
With snow falling on the TV
Tomorrow it's Detroit, then Memphis
From there I'm forgetting
Six longest days of my life
Til I'm back in your arms

Verse 3
I drive through the night
The tops down and my coffee's beside me
With only the stars up above
Leading me home