From the recording A Canary's Song

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Written by Kenny Ray Horton - Fader 4 Music (ASCAP)


Verse 1
She left sometime Thursday morning
She’s been gone a couple days
360 horses in a jet black Mustang
You ain’t gonna catch her
There’s no way
It’s always her way or the highway
Usually it’s her that hits the road
It’s always hard to love the wild ones
Sometimes you just gotta let ‘em go

Those wild horses you can’t tame
The ones that can’t be tethered down
They’ll drive a heart insane
They’re just wild horses
You can’t tame

Verse 2
Her green eyes are from her mother
Her auburn hair Is from her dad
The locket around her neck is empty
Waitin on the love she’s never had

Verse 3
They get caught up In the midnight
Just when the air holds a chill
Thinkin bout the ones that they left behind
Wonderin where they’d be right now
If they had just stood still