1. Mailpouch Chew

From the recording A Canary's Song

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Written by Kenny Ray Horton / Pat White - Fader 4 Music (ASCAP)


Verse 1
I broke down where the road is windin
Looked around and started finding
Evidence of a day gone by
Most folks don’t know
Daffodils in a row a bloomin
An old gray barn in ruins
On the side an old painted ad
For Mailpouch Chew

Verse 2
In those days of desperation
That painted barn was their salvation
For a working farm
That had seen it’s better days
Plant the fields the fence needs mendin
Seems that list was a neverendin
At the end of the month
The Mailpouch Chew would always pay

But they still pray for rain on Sunday
Start a working hard daybreak on Monday
Run into town on Saturday
So much to do
It’s a gee and haw for turning
While the mid-day suns a burnin
The money comes when the good folks buy
The Mailpouch Chew

Verse 3
I watched my vision fade away
Brings me to the present day
Back to that broken down
Homestead in that field
It’s funny how when times they change
A lot of things just stay the same
The pain that farmer feels
Is still very real