From the recording A Canary's Song

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Written by Kenny Ray Horton (ASCAP) Fader 4 Music


A heart beats slow In cold cold water
If it gets too deep
A man can drown
But if the water's warm
And not too deep or shallow
Boy you might oughta think
About stickin around

Verse 1
A young man came late one night
To old man Johnson
Looking for advice
On a thing called love
He said I've fallen
Fallen for a woman yonder
And I don't know what to do
I've never been in love

Verse 2
Old man Johnson
Said loves like flown water
If you don't respect it
It'll drag you down
You gotta know yourself
'Fore you can ever know another
So listen close my friend
I'll tell you what I've found

Chorus - Tag - Out