From the recording Say Anything

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Written, arranged and produced by Kenny Ray Horton. Copyright 2012 Fader 4 Music, LLC


Say Anything

Verse 1
Well I guess that I came home too late one too many times
She was already in bed and she'd turned out the lights
No notes left on the table no waiting up for me
Loaded her bags that next morning then she said to me
I'll be at my momma's for a little while
Started out that front door and I put on my c'mon smile

I used up all my second chances
Ran out of let me try again's
Exhausted all my please forgive me's
And my c'mon baby's are at an end
You know I love you's won;t work no more
Now it's down to don't walk out that door
So you just need to see me crawl
She didn't say anything at all

Verse 2
Thought of all the times we fought she was really tellin me
To start being the man she believed I could be
All the promises I made to be a better man
Left nothing more than hurt for her and my had in my hands
I used up every letter of the alphabet
On words that were promises to her I never kept

She smiled and waved when I saw her in town
But I respected her wishes of not wanting me around