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  1. Still (Acoustic)

From the recording Say Anything

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Written, arranged and produced by Kenny Ray Horton. Copyright 2012 Fader 4 Music, LLC


Verse 1
Where the sycamore grows
Down by the creek in the Ozark Mountains
Where the G-men have looked
They aint found him and they likely never will
Makes that midnight gold
Runnin clear and worth its weight in every drop now
Some think he died, most know he's liven
But the folks all love his moonshine still

It's stronger than a mountain
It's running clearer than a creek
It's how he makes his liven
Cause th people keep on given up their
Money for that moonshine still

Verse 2
There once was a time
A revenuer came close to finding him
Somehow he heard him comin
That's the only thing that saved him from jail
He took up his gun
Thinkin that he'd have to go down fighting
Next morning found that revenuer
30 miles away and lyin still