From the recording Say Anything

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Written, arranged and produced by Kenny Ray Horton. Copyright 2012 Fader 4 Music, LLC


Jeannie In A Bottle

Verse 1
On his knees by an oak tree at 7th and Maple
Holdin a bottle readin words carved in the bark
Where two kids first kissed when they were goin out together
It read 'Jack-n-Jeannie' surrounded by a heart

Jack's lookin for his Jeannie in a bottle
Wishin he could find which one she might be in
His reality is more than he can swallow
Thinkin one more drink will bring her back again
Jack's looking for his Jeannie in a bottle

Verse 2
He said goodbye to her this morning their forever now is over
Begged her please don't go as tears poured down his face
She fought the cancer but she lost now he swears he's gonna find her
And he's lookin in every bourbon that he drinks

He knows the whiskey might kill him
But that just might be the point